Why Us

We love what we do

It’s more than passion, it’s simply what we were born to do. We are constantly searching for new inspiration to challenge our skills and take furniture to another level. Looking at our work you can see our style—urban, yet down to earth—but by touching it, you can actually feel the love that went into it. That’s the unseen signature in all our work.

We are professionals

We went to furniture design school. We took specialized certification courses. We traveled the continent and knocked on doors to apprentice in metal, welding and concrete. We’re no conglomerate, but we’re no mom & pop either. We’re the “just right” for people who want to do something special.

We are talented

What can we say? The work is in our blood, and we’re proud of the outcome. The work transpires the passion and it shows. Our clients are probably the best spokespeople to attest to this, so here are a few testimonials that speak for themselves, and ultimately for us:

What our clients are saying